Oldest continiuously inhabited city in Cyprus

As the third largest town on the island of Cyprus, Larnaca is home to the island’s largest airport and its second largest port.

Larnaka, which was initially known as Kition, is the oldest living city of Cyprus. Legend has it that Noah’s grandson Khittim founded the first settlement. Unlike other ancient cities of Cyprus, which were abandoned by their inhabitants, Larnaka has continuously been inhabited since the city was founded 6000 years ago.

Being in the crossroad of civilization from the early dawn of history, Larnaka has attracted many visitors. The Mycenaean Greeks established the Kition City Kingdom in the 13th century. At the time, the city thrived, as it was a copper trade hub as well as home to a rich port. Recent excavations have revealed the city’s Cyclopean walls and a number of Mycenaean temples.

The city’s fortified port and shipyards are of a later period. Larnaka is also the birthplace of philosopher Zenon who taught in Athens in the 4th century BC. Larnaka district is the ideal place to experience authentic village life.

There are many picturesque traditional villages made up of stone-built buildings and narrow streets such as, Tochni, Skarinou and Kato Drys. One of the most well known is Lefkara, where one can watch women making traditional handmade lace, the reputed “Lefkaritiko” just outside their doorways. This ancient craft is included in UNESCO’s representative List of Intangible Culture Heritage of Humanity.

Food, Drink & Nightlife

The city of Larnaca is filled with wonderful places to explore and almost all closely located within the local transport network. Visitors who love to party can be seen mingling with the local crowd at the sports bars or dancing and singing at the popular nightclubs and live music venues in the city. You can enjoy some of the best cocktails that can be mixed and dance to the hottest tunes with the best DJs in the city, all while enjoying the stunning beach view that most of these nightlife locations have to offer.

Restaurants / Bars / Live Music / Nightclubs

  • To Kazani Traditional Tavern
  • Blue Pine Bar
  • Old Market Street
  • Potbelly
  • Ammos Beach Bar
  • Lush Beach Bar
  • Barrel House Bar
  • Savino Rock Bar

Activities & Fashion

Larnaca, has many shopping centres and modern boutiques with plenty of choice for tourists with the shopping bug. As a matter of fact, Larnaca is the place to buy famous Cypriot purchases line handmade lace, silverwork, pottery, jeweler and many more things. If you are not a shopaholic and want to relax, then you can visit the cinema house or a theatre to entertain yourself after a hectic full day of city touring this Cypriot city.

The beautiful coastal city of Larnaca is famous for its scenic views, historic locations and fantastic beaches showcasing the natural landscape of the Cypriot city. While it is known among the visitors for its popular tourist attractions, there are various outdoor locations that offer tours for people to come and explore. You can choose any of the tours that catch your eye, whether it is visiting the Monastery, a Camel Park or a Safari deep into the interiors of the city for an exciting experience during the day.

History & Culture

Larnaca provides the perfect balance of being a modern metropolitan city while maintaining the scenic island life. The Cyprus city of Larnaca certainly has an interesting history and is enriched with different cultures over the years. Besides the history attractions and the oceanic views, the stunning coastline surrounded by palm trees is sure to keep you in awe.

The art and the entertainment are also other overlooked features that you cannot miss out on, during your travel to the Larnaca city. You can check out the various exhibitions shows and even book for a theatre drama or musical concert as per your interest.

Larnaca Marina

Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd in full cooperation with the Government and all competent authorities will proceed to secure all the necessary permits and approvals required by the contract, for the smooth delivery of the entire project to the consortium.

Construction work on the project is expected to start after the end of the ‘transition period’, i.e at the beginning of 2022 and to be completed in four phases by 2037.

The first phase will last five years and among other things, aims to complete the new infrastructure works, so that citizens can use and enjoy the new spaces created.

These mainly include the expansion of the road network with the creation of a new road that will connect Athinon Street with Famagusta Street, the configuration of the coastal pedestrian street and the landscaping of the new green spaces.

Also, the works include the expansion and reconstruction of the existing Marina, so that it can accommodate 650 boats from 5 to 150 metres long and offer facilities such as boat repair and services.

The upgraded marina will also have the possibility to accommodate ‘mega yachts’ up to 150m and approach a different clientele, which today seems reduced.

The works also include the construction of the Marina Yacht Club with offices, cafes, event venues, sailing schools, diving schools and navigation stores.

Top Beaches in Larnaca

Makenzie Beach: This sandy beach features swimming and a promenade with palm trees, cafes, bars and eateries.

Kastella Beach: Compact beach popular with families, with warm, shallow water, a bar and lounge chair rentals.

Finikoudes Beach: Famous palm-lined beach with clean-water status and promenades, next to a town with full amenities.

Dhekelia Beach: Dhekelia Beach has the longest stretch of sand in Larnaca appearing to never stop. Dhekelia Beach has the largest hotel concentration in Larnaca and all of them overlook the beach.

Faros (Pervolia) Beach: A small, sandy beach near the village of Pervolia. Like many beaches in Cyprus it has been rewarded the Blue Flag. Its name is derived from the lighthouse there. This cape has a sea barrier which enables young children to play their heart out in the sea.

Galu Beach: Situated on Dhekelia Road it is a quaint beach surrounded by trees and foliage and close to the town. It is a pleasurable place to be.

Cessac Beach: Cessac Beach is next to the British Base of Dhekelia where the coast road ends. It is a public beach with a narrow stretch of grey sand. Several snack bars and a restaurant serve the public in this little bay area.